A friend of mine recently reminded me that "desserts" is "stressed" spelled backward. I love that little adage - because it's so true!

One of the things I've lamented during the past 6 months is how much I miss dessert. Sure, most meals I can fill myself up enough to not need a dessert as a finisher, but dessert is such a fun part of a meal! And, according to the No List, all of my classically held ideas of what "dessert" entails is off-limits to me.

The time had come to get a little creative. So, after dinner yesterday evening, I sat down to ponder just what my stomach was craving. I came up with "sweet and crunchy." Taking stock of what I had in my pantry, I created myself a wonderfully low-fat dessert that I think I can also dub 'healthy' (if you can stand to think of dessert as healthy). It was thoroughly delicious, and just what I needed to finish off my dinner.

I've called it "Honey Banana Crunch" - simple way to bring out what makes up this very simple dessert. And I think my favorite part about it (besides the obvious - that I can eat it!) is the way the banana and honey mix together to unstick-ify the honey and instead create this sweet banana-honey syrup in the bottom of the bowl. The granola then soaks up this syrup to meld everything together in a naturally sweet, banana-infused party in my mouth!

Honey Banana Crunch
[I use natural honey and organic bananas and granola - the honey comes from southern Minnesota, from neighbors to my family's hunting property who keep bees and give us a yearly allowance of honey. Mmm, there's nothing better!]

1 medium-sized banana
Low-fat, whole grain granola
2-3 Tbsp natural honey

Slice banana in thin disks in a bowl. Pour honey over banana disks. Sprinkle 1-2 handfuls of granola on top. Best eaten with a spoon.

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