Back in the saddle again...

Okay, I know, it's been awhile. For anyone who actually reads this regularly, apologies for my delinquency in the past few weeks. The main reason is that I spent the last couple of weeks sick - as in a flare up of old stomach pain, and also just sick of this whole thing. The diet of doom that seems like it will never go away. The strange stomach aches and twinges that go along with trying something new that I haven't eaten in almost a year. The constant feeling that I should be "better" now and thus be able to eat more of what I want to eat.

It's gotten difficult now that I don't have a doctor telling me exactly what to do all of the time. Though I rather resented having part of my life run by doctors for most of last year, it was easier - I didn't have to think as much about food and balancing nutrition and all of that. Now that they've left me to my own devices (well, almost completely), I have choice. And that messes with things. And makes me sick again.

My solution to all of this is that I need to go back in to chat with the doctor soon and then have a series of chats with my nutritionist so I can make a more solid and structured plan for the reintroduction of foods into my diet, but also a more structured meal plan in general, so that I don't relapse into the pain that I so very much hate.

The holidays are over. The post-holiday slump is over. And now it's time to get back into the saddle and continue getting healthy again!

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