We Begin...Again

So, after a spectacular 7-year hiatus, I've decided to restart this blog. Or start adding to it again. Right. You know what I mean.

The updates:
- I'm a dietitian now! I'm a clinical dietitian, I work in hospitals with inpatients. I'm doing what I love: I feed people.
- I had a 3-year stint in Maryland, where I did my internship to become a dietitian (at the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health) and had my first job as a clinical dietitian in a hospital. We'll call that job "trial by fire." *nods*
- I live in Minneapolis now - finally answered my homing beacon and returned to the homeland of good ol' MN. Boy did I miss these winters!

The new plan:
- I'm not gonna lie, guys. I'm OBSESSED with The Great British Baking Show. Like. Ob. Sessed. And, coincidentally (or fatefully?), I got a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas this year! Which obviously means I will now have to start baking all of the things. All of them. I'll share my joys and sorrows, flops and successes, classical and new creations here with all of you!
- I need to get back to cleaner food again. (Let's just say Maryland and I didn't get along for 3 years and leave it at that.) So, come with me as I journey back to my love of food and cooking once again.
- Intermixed with this: I'll put in some dietitian's thoughts and words of wisdom, and pet peeves about "pop culture nutrition."

It's gonna be a fun time, y'all. (Okay, that's the only part of Maryland that will stick around. No, they don't say that in Maryland, but plenty of Southerners move to the DC area and I picked up that lovely word. It just won't go away. Kinda like my Boston-accent only when I say the word "Boston." It just sticks.) Glad to have you along for the ride!

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