Update to the No-List

I got something back!!!
...and I have to add something to the list, too...

The world is still in balance, I guess.

So, the whole idea behind all of my No-List posts is to give myself an updated list of foods I can eat and that I have to limit my intake of. I've said before that it's all in my head, but as things change, I'll forget what used to be on there and not. As I near the point where I'll get to start adding foods back in my diet, it'll be really nice to have those lists to look back on - in case I'm experiencing symptoms that I can't explain.

So, for the folks at home, here's how this will work:
[Okay, the only reason I just called you all "the folks at home" is because I've always wanted to say that... haha!]
There will always be a full and current list in every No-List post, but to highlight the changes, I'll always put the changed items in this little intro, and then bold them on the full No-List at the bottom of the post. For items coming off of the list, there will be a loud cheer from me and I'll put them in parentheses and grey them out. [Is that the British or American spelling of "grey?" I can never remember which is which. I just know I that I prefer the "grey" spelling to the "gray" spelling.]

So, without further ado [about nothing?]

Crossing off the list:
dried fruits
I saw the doc on Monday and she gave them back to me!!! Needless to say, I'm a little excited...

Adding to the list:
Remember the omelette of Tuesday's post? Yeah, I lied. It didn't end up making my stomach happy at all. And, thinking about it, this makes sense - and omelette is fried. Even with no-fat butter substitute for frying instead of real butter, fried food is still bad for me. And so, if I want eggs, I'll have to try baking them - perhaps there will be a quiche in a future post?

The Updated No-List

NO items

- tomatoes/tomato-based foods (includes pasta sauce, ketchup, bbq sauce, salsa, etc.)
- citrus fruits
- peppermint/spearmint
- chocolate
- alcohol
- caffeinated beverages
---regular tea
---energy drinks
---other caffeinated soft drinks
- decaffeinated coffee and decaffeinated regular tea (herbal tea w/o mint is okay)
- carbonated beverages
- pepper
- high-fat dairy products
---2% milk and whole milk
---high-fat cheeses
---high-fat yogurt
---chocolate milk
- other dairy (from previous lactose intolerance guidelines)
---cow's milk
---soft cheeses
- cocoa
- fried meats
- bacon
- sausage
- pepperoni
- salami
- bologna
- frankfurters/hot dogs
- other fried foods:
---french toast
---french fries
---deep-fried vegetables
---omelettes, scrambled eggs, and other fried eggs
- pastries and high-fat desserts (the directive on this item: say goodbye to bakeries)
- chips
- store bought cookies, candies, sugary snacks of any kind
- hydrogenated and partially-hydrogenated oils
- high fructose corn syrup
- high-sodium foods
- peanut butter, and other nut butters
- cheese
(dried fruits) --Yay!
- vinegar
- bell peppers, and other members of the veggie pepper family
- broccoli
- cauliflower
- asparagus
- celery
- onions
- beans (green beans are currently allowed)
- apple peels (apple flesh is fine, cooked/baked apples are better)
- red grapes (green grapes okay in moderation)
- raspberries
- salad dressing (check the labels, every one of them has something on the No-List!)
- store-bought juices (check the labels, all of them add citric acid!)

**for the next 2 weeks: 0 foods containing any trace of lactose (this includes foods on which the label says "made/processed/packaged in same facility as milk products")

Limited Items
- maximum of 40-50g of fat per day
- oils (olive, vegetable, etc.) - 1 Tbsp has 14g of fat
- nuts - 1/4 cup or 2 Tbsp nut butter has 17g of fat **nut butters currently prohibited entirely
- cheese - 1 oz has 10g of fat **cheese currently prohibited entirely
- processed sugar
- dairy foods not listed on "no items" section at a minimum; must take Lactaid with any foods containing lactose **currently prohibited, as per note above on No items

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